Automatic Delivery

Heating Services by Solla's Heating LLC.

24 Hour Around the Clock Service

Credit Accounts

Budget Plans

Pre-buy Lock-in Contracts

Fuel Assistance Eligibility Check

Free Restart of your system

Cash, Credit Card, and/or Check on Delivery-We do accept cash, credit card and check at either time of deliver or credit card over the phone.

Heating Services-We collaberate with Solla's Heating LLC to provide our customers with the best quality Heating Services at the most reasonable rates. Solla's Heating LLC is the top service provider we worked with with only positve feedback from our customers and the highest level of customer satisfaction!

Fuel Assistance Eligibility-We will let you know what the income guidelines are for the fuel assistance programs and assist you in the process of applying which will determine just how much assistance you will be awarded.  We will help you with the application process which consists of an appointment at a participating office in your area. We will give you all of the information that you will need to assist you through this process.

Automatic Delivery-This service allows you to have piece of mind that your tank always has fuel in it with the guarantee that should you run out, we will come out to fill the tank in less than one hour and get your system going all free of charge with our apologies. We have the latest software that will schedule your delivery in a timely manner and we are confident that your tank will never run out. Most companies charge extra for this service but our price is the same across the board. This service is available to those who qualify.

24 Hour Around the Clock Service- You can count on us to be there Thanks Giving Day or Christmas Morning!

Pre-Buy Service Contracts-Protect your self from price-hikes and surges with pre-buy lock-in contracts! Call for more details.

Budget Plans-Budget plans are a 8 or 10 month budget plan program that estimates the amount of oil you use for a specified period of time and spreads the cost out for either 8 or 10 months and the monthly payment will be exactly the same every month. This plan also comes with Automatic Delivery.

Free Restart of Your System-Another unheard of from PriceRite Oil! Most companies charge $45-$75 for this service that takes only minutes and minimal skill, however it is not a common procedure that everyday people know how to do so the greed of most companies take advantage of not only the lack of knowledge of this procedure by common people but also take advantage of their desperation for the well-being of their family and them selves. This was always the most disgusting of business practice that I have watched our competitors do to their customers. Revolutionize the industry with us! We do it for free. It is the least we can do to show our appreciation for your choosing us!